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I was born in Valdosta, Georgia on July 26, 1985. I lived most of life in Douglas, Georgia and I currently reside in Alma, Ga. Where I have been for the past 9 years. I graduated High school from Coffee High in Douglas. I went to college at South Georgia College and ended at Valdosta State University. 

I met Jordan at SGC in 2005. I took her on a picnic and fine dined her with pizza hut and sprite from a wine glass. She has been hooked ever since. We got married in 2011. We have 2 nephews and 1 niece. We currently don't have any children, but we are faithful that we will in the near future. 

My hobbies include sports, working out, anything outdoors, and hanging with my wife. I love traveling, trying new things, meeting new people and getting a taste of different cultures. 

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  • Allergic to Ants

  • Eyes change colors: Blue to Hazel.

  • Played a Pick up game of Basketball with WOODY Harrelson.

  • Can't Straighten my left thumb. 

  • Went to the Principles office as a 2 year old.

  • Got in trouble at school once in my whole career. And I just walked in at the wrong time. I was completely innocent and took 3 licks for no reason. 

  • You can sing Ushers song "U S H ER R A Y M O N D, now baby tell me what you want to do to me" as " B U D D Y W A T K I N S, now baby tell me what you wanna do with this!" 

  • 71" tall with a 75" wingspan. 

  • Georgia Football Fan. 

  • I can remember all four times I have cried in the past 10 years and what for. 

  • I am mentally tough and really good at controlling emotions. So good that I sometimes forget how to show them. 

  • Pursuing acting has a larger picture for me. Trying to find those emotions and being able to use them like you are suppose to. 

  • I took public speaking last in college because I was absolutely terrified. 

  • I remember the conversation myself and my baseball coach had when I was a Senior. I have never told anyone but I carry it with me everyday. This is why I will make it. 

  • Played basketball on Al Horfords home court in the Dominican. 

  • Worked a sting Operation with the GBI when I was 15.  Wore a wire into stores and tried to buy beer. 

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